I’m Virtualized !

I’m so busy during this period, and I spent all my time at home to write my final studies dissertation, which is about Virtualization.

I have to admit I feel proud about the result; unfortunately it’s in French, but I wrote an abstract in English. I think it really could help some of you who are looking for french documents talking about “How choosing, managing and exploit a virtualization project”

so there is my abstract, and I will post soon the entire document in french.

The growth of the number of service centres within Essilor’s information system constantly increases. Now, as we know, the average load of a processor is generally contained between 9% and 12% according to the experts, and Essilor does not depart from this rule, as according to internal studies, our average load is 10%. From that moment, the strategy of consolidation, optimization of our resources becomes an essential stake in the control of the costs connected to the increasing needs on the one hand, and in the technological control connected to the growth of the total number of our computers on the other hand. In this context, virtualisation appears to be a « smart » solution.

All along this report, we are going to try and answer to several questions, which aim at better understanding the stakes and prospects of virtualisation. I have decided to schematize the outline in three main questions:

o What is virtualisation?

o For whom is virtualisation intended? Why virtualisation?

o How to implement virtualisation?

So as to help us in understanding the different aspects of such a project, and sometimes to convince us of some figures, we are going to back up our explanations with the results observed in the framework of Essilor’s project.


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