Google Chrome, What else ?

How to not talk about this buzz today ? 🙂 It’s a buzz because it’s about Google, and furthermore the announce was done with a comics book !! You can find it here !!

And you can find this offline version (pdf) here, thanks to my friend BenJ !

Yes, Google’s launching his own Web browser: the Chrome.

So Why ?

Some guys think that Google was nervous about the anonymous mode of Microsoft’s browser, which is a good argument. Of course, this functionality hide your personal data to the others websites, and so prevent Google to show you their ads, or at least their ads no longer fit to user profile.

Others just think that Google’s guys are just boring. Hum…

And finally some others think that is one more bullet which aim to hit Microsoft’s heart, because the border-line between the Browser and the OS is becoming very thin… very very thin, and Google announced it in the first page:

google's chrome first

Google 's OS ??

Anyway, let’s be a Google’s fan (for a moment…a minute…maybe just a second…a nano-second?? ) , google is good, and google did it because they love us !!
So How ?

There are the features, highlights list that I did for all of you who don’t like comics:

  • One thread per page, so if a page you lastly opened crash, it doesn’t affect the others pages:
    This feature is an excellent idea, unfortunately it happens frequently in Firefox.
  • Webkit for rendering engine:
    Excellent idea, apple’s product speak for itself. It’s fast !
  • Each tab has its own address bar:

    It seems logic, because tab now appears as window…

    (from techcrunch)

  • You could move tabs on one window to the another one:
    It could be useful, but for my part I prefer to keep one window, it’s much better to have a clean window…
  • V8, which is the totally new virtual machine for Javascript, done by Google’s guys in Danemark (a cold place somewhere in Europe… 😉 ). If the V8 fulfil its promises, as speed and memory optimization with their famous garbage collector, it could be THE THING that makes THE difference with others browsers. So for my part, it’s one HOT thing to keep in mind !
  • Securities improved thanks to Sandbox and auto-updating of malware’s list and phishing’s list. Mmm the Sandbox have to be test… by the community which is more appropriate that Google’s guys… Maybe after some months, I could be convince…
  • The welcome Page, by Google, which is a minor functionality but not a less interesting thing. It appears like a Welcome page, but it shows you a thumb of you favourite sites: Good idea !
  • anonymous mode… hum is it anonymous for Google’s ads ??? lol
  • Tab manager, as window’s task manager, which shows you the memory,the processor took by each page: good idea !
  • Chrome, V8 are open source.
first screen, from

first screen, from

So the naive moment past, and the Why?? is coming back from the bottom of my brain… and my answer is simple as :

bigbrother google

Take care, someone is watching you, right now !!

Take a moment, and think why do we use every day this OS, Window’s System. Because it was cheap ! And so It’s everywhere !!

Even Google is good, is it normal to use, to store, to trust every actions, every data, everything to ONE UNIQUE company !

So if you followed me well, If you like Chrome, stop using Gmail ! 😉


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  1. Waow, good article !! Very interesting. I just tried chrome without notice every functions you have listed here. But i tried it with website with complicated css and it didn’t work well at all. It’s always the same problem : a website is different on each browser…So another browser and all of us have to change our css ?? No way !! Firefox and IE work well, Google will not be install on my hard drive until they respect the W3C standard…and of course, I totally agreed with the : “everything to ONE UNIQUE company […] If you like Chrome, stop using Gmail ” and I love Gmail 😉

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