Bucuresti !

 Then theses two weeks at Bucuresti are now done. I came here to meet my IT Team and also to be trained in our legacy production system. 

Oh my god, technically speaking if you knew… I mean you never believe me 🙂 Understand what ever you want… Anyway It’s at least interesting let’s see how long I can manage with this… :p

If you have an American’s Iphone 3G which uses a sim hacking method (same as mine), you may be advised that it will not working here at Bucharest. I simply can’t connect to network. But hopefully, and I don’t really know why if you buy a sim card here, it’s working quite well. So Sim hack + sim from France == not working, you may change to sim hack + sim from Romania == works fine !??!!?!

Ok enough of geek topics, let’s talk about the city and people here. I were very lucky here at Bucharest because I only met nice people ! :p Really ! I mean in every places it should have some ugly guys but fortunately I didn’t met even one of them at Bucharest. My colleagues are all so nice, fun and also interesting guys. I learned a lot about my job. After the work we usedto go playing pool at the end of this week, and kidding about theses bard-maid… I don’t want to open long description about Romania’s girls because my girl will be jealous but I have to admit that it should begin by “Oh my God…” lol. Come to see yourself gentlemen !

People in Bucharest seems to not like very much their City, they use to say : “Bucharest is dirty, expensive, stressful…” All of theses things may be right but as a “Work Visitor” It was a real pleasure. During my first evening I met a french guy, Remi, who’s working in a booking call center here. Very nice guy who becomes a kind of travel guide… thanks Remi !! 🙂 He knows a mountain of things about Romania/n and Bucharest. I can’t find a better way to discover this town, I mean “Really thanks Remi !!!”

He introduced me to a friend of him, Lily who is a French teacher ! She really talks French fluently, with no accent.. really amazing… I met her with Remi at an Irish music’s pub. It was really a nice and fun night, Dancers were good and drinks too ! 🙂 Players/ Singers were Romanian geeks, just entering in a kind of Irishmania !

The girl really enjoys here dance!

The girl really enjoys here dance!

The best was when they danced all together ! 🙂 They made big noises with their shoes and you made big noises with you glass ! 🙂

Dance together !

Dance together !

There was this evening I just walked around the city, alone and of course I lost my way… After few hours I decided to make a break and I stopped to the first pub I found on my road.  Fortunately it was one of the best hot wine bar in Bucharest ! 🙂 I told you… I were very lucky ! 🙂 After enjoying my hot drink I decided to find some help from people around this place then I met two nice students, Vlad and Bogdan ! After trying hard to explain how to go back to my hotel, they finally proposed to come with me. During the road we discussed together and I discovered that they are actors students !! They confessed to me that they’re just acting in some advertisements, and finally during our last met it seems they will play for a Romanian TV Show !! loool The TV Show seems to be famous in Romania, it titled a kind of  “Love Brokers”… they told me it’s a bullshit tv show… :p but it’s ok it could be fun  for them!

I definitely decided to come back for vacation in this country, to see Brasov (I missed the train at my week-end here… :p ), to see the Delta of Danube, to swim in the Black Sea so many things and placed to see… Anyway Vlad’s wife invited me for a week ! 🙂 I took it for words !

If you come around here you have to eat some local dishes and meals… Eat outside is cheap and it’s really good ! You may go to the student campus near from the river and eat some traditional meals, try their Enormous Pizza, and play pool with some friends 😉

Below are some shots I made during my trip: 


I'm sure the sky is missing you ! :)

I'm sure the sky is missing you ! 🙂

You should go in this place in the Bucuresti's center, Coyotte's place ! :)

You should go in this place in the Bucuresti's center, Coyote's place ! 🙂 There are so many pubs which are really nice and relaxing place in the small streets of Bucharest, you should take time to walk around.

One the most big building in thr world. The Romanian Parliament bult my the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. You should know that Romanian hate this building ! :)

One the most big building in the world. The Romanian Parliament was built by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. You should know that Romanian hate this building ! 🙂 This building could be seen from the moon !!

Cheers !



  1. Waow !!! You passed two weeks in romania !! That’s really cool !! 🙂 I understand why yoiu enjoyed the “dancers”, they have something that force me to think that they probably dance very well !!
    Your photos of the sky and th Romanian Parliament are really beautiful (is your IPhone work ?).
    Maybe one day, when Europe will be created, I’ll visit these beautiful east countries…one day…

  2. tuanbach

    Yeah !! Thanks for your comment.

    Concerning the shots, I used a D80 🙂 Don’t expect to have this result with the Iphone’s camera !! :p

    Did you receive the new from Thibo ?

    And what about you and your work ??


    • Yeptor

      You don’t have any news about me?

      I hope you speak french at home, otherwise, you will find the door.

      See you!

  3. deexbx

    wow, so u liked the country 😛 im glad to hear that and im glad u had fun around here!! 🙂 I’m Denisa by the way and im from Bucharest! 😉

    • tuanbach

      Hi Denisa,

      Thanks for your comment, and yes I loved Bucuresti !! 🙂

      I’ll try to come back this summmer to see the Danube ! We may meet and have a drink ? 😉

      Hear you soon.

      • deexbx

        it will be great 😉

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