Mazel tov !

A humble topic about the marriage of my friend Benjamin Fellous (a great android developer by the way) which I have had the honor to be invited!

As you can see there are lots of marriage during this time, I went to my cousin’s one a month ago, to the marriage of a friend of my girl two weeks ago and yesterday the marriage of my friend Benj. As the title said you can guess that was a Jewish marriage! 🙂 Then I have to admit that it was really fun and interesting for a Vietnamese guy like me. Firstly it was really fun because of the music, Jewish music and more generally North Africa’s music are really folklore. The sound was so captivating and the woman’s dance is so unctuous… 🙂

It’s also the first time that I see the “chair throw”, it means that the new husband and wife seat in a chair that everybody bring up and down. The cook was good too, I ate for the first time the Pkaila! It’s not really light… 🙂 but very good! 🙂

Everything was cacherouth (I don’t know the word in English, if someone can help, he’s welcome). Even the wine, which was a “Bordeau supérieur 2004”, also cacherouth ! 🙂

I was very touched to see a friend got married…and scared, I mean who’s the next ?? 😉 I’m sure you will have a nice and wonderful marriage in Israel too!!

Enough, below some pictures I shot with my Iphone (sorry for the low quality), I think you can find some great shot on the Benj’s blog! 🙂

Again, MAZEL TOV Benjamin and Jessica! 🙂

dance with me Babe

I'm a king and you are my star ! :p


Hang on !!

Hang on !!



Meet on the camel seat!

Meet on the camel seat!

Like a Sultan !!

Like a Sultan !!

I'm the king !

Stand by me my princess.



  1. Yeah !! Thanks a lot for your presence yesterday.
    It was a great party. The most beautifull day of my life.
    I hope to be invited to your wedding 😉 and discover your traditionnal coutume.
    Thanks for all 😉 I will put some picture very soon on my blog.


  1. Je suis un homme marié !! | Webenbank

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