Godspeed for the King of the pop

A little word for the big guy…

I’m not a big fan of Michael Jackson. But when he played with the Jackson5, or the song Thriller, Bad, he is definitely the only one we can named “King of the pop”.  I loved the Motown sound and the Jackson5 is one of the most famous artists from this time.

Then even if that’s true he did not make a new album for a long time now and we don’t know if it’s gonna happen again (yes there will have some albums which will run out of his Magic Hat falling from the sky… rumors said around 150 songs !) I think he deserved the Title of King of the Pop, he deserve it because he was so revolutionary in many aspect of the contemporary music. He “happened” at the right time with the right rhythms and now that we are in the big revolution of all the music industry I’m pretty sure that he was the only One who can be named as well. I’m also sure there will be others great artists but nothing compares to his impact, even if now we will more talk about “billion of downloads” and not “millions of albums”.

So I went to the “Giant Moonwalk” organized by some fans at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower last week-end, just to “be there” and take some interesting shots ! 🙂

Keep Dancing Michael!

In my despair, I tried to find an enchantress to make some magic stuff, then he may revive Michael… but nothing worked but some fire appears on his finger… (no photoshop, live shot)

finger fired [640x480]

Magic guy [640x480]

I’ll try to make him fly next time, maybe he can meet him somewhere over the rainbow…


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