News? What for?

Hi There!

It’s been long time now I did not write something here. Mmm… Yeah I’ve to admit I had lots of things better to do ! 😉

I changed the website theme to something more “twitter” because I’m not going to publish any “real technical articles” for the few next months. Then I think it should better for your reading to have several posts directly on the homepage.

There are some big news which are coming, no it’s not “my last creation” neither “the product of my life” 😉 but it may drastically change the way life goes for me… let’s keep our patient for the biggest one to this week-end.

Well the second one is concerning my Android development experiments. Let me remind you about Bunjix a kind of “start- start-up” which have be launched few months ago by previous co-workers and friend Benjamin. Bunjix is a tiny French firm specialized in Mobile development. Bunjix started few months ago with its first contract, the project consists on a crosswords game. It was a successful project. From this point his tried so many times to involve me to his project…Mmm… Finally I hooked on! 🙂

Then It will be a pleasure for me to be invited to work with him. We cannot give any names, marks, products because nothing finalized yet, but there are some surprises to come…

So here we are… c u soon! 🙂


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