Strategy lesson by Google… this is Art!!

I just read this morning Google just announced they will acquire Motorola mobility for around 12$ billions!

Thank you Google!! 🙂 As an Android professional I have to say this is a great news for me and all Android users and professionals. Those acquirement is a strong signal to the market that Google will support its Os. Those last months, with all the fragmentation and patents issues I started to worry about my future in Android Os eco-system 🙂 From this morning my faith and hope are rising back!! (What about my wage? :p)

Google now is facing a historical challenge! Deal as the partner and also a competitor against the other manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. The balance is fragile. We all now have our fingers crossed: Google don’t be evil!

Google Motorola

Motorola Mobile is now Google

Back to the beginning I cannot help my self to think the Motorola move was predicted, and apart of the strategy from the beginning…

act 1: Google announced Android and positioned itself as an innovative company which helps the mobile market!

act 2: Android is free and spreads over the market thanks to the trust of the manufacturers!

act 3: Google refused to join Apple, Microsoft and RIM […] to acquire Nortel patents…(everybody says why? 🙂 )

act 4: Android is now under many lawsuits, Apple Microsoft and the others take advantages of the situation.

act 5: Google is now the Victim! The manufacturers, developers ask for help and support of the Os!

act 6: Google is the Hero! They can now safely acquire Motorola-Mobility which is a double benefit: 1/acquire the useful patents to ensure the future of Android OS. 2/ directly have control on the market as a manufacturer, Samsung and HTC have few to say, they have what they ask for: support! :))

The manufacturers could still move back, and stop using android, but as Samsung with all the millions Android phones sales, I feel it’s a risky and unproductive move for them in middle term. The stock markets seems not have the same idea than me, Google shares drop since this morning after the announcement, I plan to buy some right now :p



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