Motorola Dev team letter to developers

I got this email yesterday night, few hours after the announcement of Google new acquisition:

Dear MOTODEV member,

Today, Google and Motorola Mobility have announced their intention to enter an agreement under which Google will acquire Motorola Mobility. This is a positive step in Motorola Mobility’s evolution and exciting news for the Android ecosystem.

As you know, Motorola Mobility has played a leading role in the advancement of the Android platform globally. With Google, we plan to continue to build upon our 80-year history of technology innovation and take Motorola Mobility’s cutting-edge products and solutions to the next level.

We do not expect this announced transaction to have any immediate impact on MOTODEV programs or activities. As the transaction moves forward we will keep you informed as details become available.

As always, technology innovation remains the lifeblood of Motorola Mobility and the success of our developer community remains top priority for MOTODEV.

The MOTODEV team

I sincerely hope, unlike the MOTODEV Team, that new acquisition will help them to improve the OS integration on their devices… no more MotionBlur, no more private API, more stability in Media components… and so on… (i.e The Xoom is really a BAD device, I would ever recommend this purchase to anybody, it’s slow and unstable…)

So yes please immediate impact asap… :p

Motorola and Google

Motorola has new color



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