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Strategy lesson by Google… this is Art!!

I just read this morning Google just announced they will acquire Motorola mobility for around 12$ billions! Thank you Google!! 🙂 As an Android professional I have to say this is a great news for me and all Android users and professionals. Those acquirement is a strong signal to the market that Google will support …

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IPhone is cheaper but I’m richer, so what ?

No really I’m not an Apple’s hater, but there’s an other story from Apple’s land that makes me laugh a lot, by the way, it confirms what I supposed in last post. Finally, Apple removed this useless tool…because some customers bought it by accident… I don’t know how to judge the “quality” of this product, …

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Don’t have an Apple instead of your Brain !

I’m not a fool ! And I know that Jobs is not fool too !! So I definitely can’t understand the media feedback to the mail from S.Jobs to his workers. Ok, I’m not an Apple’s expert, but I’m really convinced that this “marketing communication” is not aimed to Apple’s workers first, but US, customers …

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